Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steamrolled by Pauline Baird Jones

5/5 Stars

"Pauline is the Queen of Steam! Steamrolled is a wild adventure full of wit, intrigue, and an evil overlord to boot. Every page was better than the next!"

Steamrolled is amped up with energy and sets the stage for a thrill seeking, machine hunting, boy meets girl, time warped adventure! From each character's unique point of view, Jones sets up a series of crazy, conflicting, and mind boggling events that will have your head spinning and saying WHAT?!! But don't worry. Everything comes together seamlessly and in grand style mid book that will then have you asking Now What?!! I love how Pauline is able to assemble a plot with multiple twists and turns with varying levels of complexity in such a simple and easy to digest fashion. I believe this was accomplished by giving Robert Clementyne, our super smart hero, and Emily Babcock, our stunning curator, their own disticnt voices. This went a long way in making perspective changes and the overall flow of the story smooth and enjoyable. 

Steamrolled wouldn't be a Pauline Baird Jones novel is it didn't have a sassy humor to it. :) The nanites were so funny, and always lightened the mood with humor even when the timing seems most inappropriate, thus making it even funnier! And the technology is simply awesome! Pauline has some seriously wicked science fiction tech at work here. Robert is on the hunt for a transmogrification machine! Yes, I spelled that right - a TRANSMOGRIFICATION machine. Although I have encountered this device as well as Pauline's out of this world writing style in Tangled in Time, one doesn't necessarily have to read other books in her Project Enterprise series to love Steamrolled. If you love science fiction, then you must read Steamrolled! Fantastic job Pauline!


Pauline said...

Thank you so much for such a great review! I'm blushing and grinning! :-D

Sage Creek Woman said...

I had a blast reading this story!!! I loved her characters, and you're right, the different voices are really fun!

Betty Gordon said...

Another great read by Pauline Baird Jones. I, too, love the humor she injects in her books as well as the characters who challenge you.

Linda Lovely said...

Sounds like a must buy. Will definitely add it on my to-be-read pile. Have to find out what a TRANSMOGRIFICATION machine does!