Monday, July 11, 2011

A Murderer Among Us by Marilyn Levinson

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Favorite Character

Lydia Krause, our novel's protagonist, is the star of this killer mystery novel. Lydia is the perfect character. She has a robust personality, full of life and curiosity that attracts everyone to her like a magnet. I like the fact that Levinson doesn't give too much away on physical appearance. This makes Lydia diverse and a character that every reader can adapt to their own interpretation. She is definitely a next door neighbor you would want to have.
Favorite Scene

Lydia is up early in the morning, has her swimsuit on, and is swimming laps in the community pool, when suddenly the pool cover begins to close on her. At first, Lydia panics, knowing that if the cover closes before she gets out of the pool, then she will drown. She swims harder than she has ever swam in her life and climbs out of the pool just in time. This scene literally put goose bumps on my arms as the nearness of the killer really hit home.

Quotable Quote

"Someone in Twin Lakes was now a murderer, and thought like a murderer. Claire's murder had involved the use of her car, which meant the plan had occurred to the killer sometime that evening." 
-- Lydia Krause, Pg.281

"That was how life was: it took away, and it gave back - as long as you kept an open heart, and a willing mind." 
-- Lydia Krause, Pg. 297
Final Thoughts

A Murderer Among Us is absolutely phenomenal. It has become a favorite in my personal book collection, which I plan to re-read over and over again. This story is so rich with detail. You get to delve deep into the world of Lydia Krause, her family, her friends, and the community in which she and an unknown killer dwells. Levinson's writing style is fluid, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the novel. I literally couldn't put this novel down. Levinson's writing is perfection, and I strongly encourage you to read A Murderer Among Us. Please write another Twin Lakes Mystery. I am unashamedly hooked and will be looking to read more of Marilyn Levinson's work.


Tiffany R. said...

This sounds like a winner Zee. Thanks for the review. If you are that complimentary of the book then i will have to check it out.

Dana said...

This looks really good. Great review!!

taryn said...

sooo looking forward to this book