Monday, February 20, 2012

Running Wide Open By Lisa Nowak

Webfoot Publishing 
I have to admit I am not the one to love male lead narrator, however Nowak’s story successfully enthralled me from the start. Nowak’s story concentrates on Cody  – a 15 year old male teenager. “ Running Wide Open” takes place in Oregon in the 80's. Cody is sent to live with his uncle, who goes by Race, when he gets busted for vandalizing a zoo wall. He only has two choices either live with an uncle he barely knows or go to military school.  Of course, he chooses to be with his uncle for sure.

Coming from a broken-home background, Cody’s struck me as an ungrateful brat at first. I didn't like him, however as the story unfolds, I could see WHY he is the way he is. He is full of anger, cheeky, disrespectful to others, ungrateful, and hostile.  He became the way he is because his parents don’t care about him; His mother is a total nightmare, his father a wuss, and his grandparents are no better. When something bad happens, nobody wants him, nobody cares and he forced to live with his uncle, Race, who's very into stock car racing. (He's got the lady mechanic.)

Cody has been looking for someone to care to him, someone to guide him in his young life. Apparently, nobody cares about him, nobody even take a second glance to him. Race his uncle is the perfect miracle in Cody’s life.  He becomes the most important person in Cody’s life and heart. Race is Cody’s mentor, guidance, and perhaps the father figure that he never had before.

Under Race’s guidance Cody finally finds a good direction in his life. He manages to put his life back on track. He searches for perfect girlfriend, becomes a writer for the school paper and finally finds the dreams of his life - racing.

Next, come along another character, Race’s sponsor, the attractive Kasey. Her sisterly / motherly influence on Cody is positive for everyone. Through her, he learns lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship as his life begins to stabilize.

Through Cody’s story Lisa Nowak brings about a good fact that people can always change. Bad people can become good people as long as they have unconditional love and acceptance. I enjoyed watching the relationships between Cody, Race and Kasey blossom. It's a beautiful example of how if we love someone, we have to accept them all the way they are.

Cheerio Aretha Zhen
Fire Pages Associate Reviewer


Lisa Nowak said...

Thank you for the review, Zee.

Eli Yanti said...

Great Aretha ;)

Unknown said...

Nice review, dear. The story sounds great, makes me want to read it myself. I think I'm going to like this book.

Thank u for the review, Aretha :)

newan said...

Great review, aretha ^^

I never read a book about race
but i like the story

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