Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Dog Gone Christmas by Lindsay Downs

Just like the cover of this book, A Dog Gone Christmas is warm, endearing, and completely touches the heart. This family friendly story is perfect for all ages, and will be sure to keep you smiling from the inside out as you read it. Although there are humans and dogs in this story, the dogs, led by Kebi the matriarch of the family of pups, steal the show. The dogs are so great to read about. They are playful, and happy, and get into all sorts of adventures. The dogs had me laughing out loud.

I really enjoyed reading about the conversations and interactions between the dogs. Even though we humans know that animals are able to communicate with each other, it is a world which we cannot see, and a world Lindsay reveals to us with as much wonder and splendor as a Disney movie. A Dog Gone Christmas could very well have been made into a fantastic animated movie. The dogs each have their very own personality, no two canines are like. Nibs is my favorite. A little arrogant, but very fun and playful. 

A Dog Gone Christmas is the perfect holiday read. It is more than a great story because I loved how it made me feel - good, happy and positive. Just the way I want to feel this time of year. 

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