Monday, September 19, 2011

Wednesday's Child by Alan Zendell

5/5 Stars

Blurb: Dylan Brice is living his days out of order, but it hasn’t always been that way. One Tuesday evening in July, he went to sleep expecting tomorrow to be Wednesday, but when he woke up the next morning it was Thursday instead. A frightening and confusing day ensued with Dylan trying to figure out whether he was losing his mind or the victim of some cosmic prank.
If struggling to come to terms with his new reality on his surreal Thursday wasn’t enough of an ordeal, late in the afternoon, just as his anxiety was finally beginning to subside, a voice from the past he’d hoped never to hear again added a terrifying new dimension to his situation. Dylan had once been a warrior in the battle against nuclear terrorism. A sleeper since the months following nine-eleven, he has suddenly been activated to help combat a new, deadly threat. His nerves in a shambles, he finally drops off to sleep hoping he’ll wake up to find Thursday was a dream. 

When, after his harrowing Thursday, he awakens on the Wednesday morning he thought he’d missed, he doesn’t know what to believe. He cannot believe Thursday’s events were coincidental. He must be living his days out of order for a reason — some powerful, unknown entity has cast him in a role he never asked for, and everything he holds dear may be at stake. He “knows” he will continue to live Thursdays before Wednesdays until he figures out how to use the unique perspective that gives him to avert a disaster that may be global in scope.

Would you change anything if you lived Thursday before Wednesday? Would you do anything differently? This is precisely the situation Dylan Brice finds himself in. 
Dylan definitely thinks that what he has experienced, living his days out of order, is just crazy. Or maybe he is crazy. But discards the idea, knowing that he has been given a rare gift, knowledge of the future. This is especially helpful as Dylan fights terrorism that has the potential to lead to a full fledged war. 
Thankfully, he doesn't have to do everything in one day, but is able to fight the threats that face him on a weekly basis. I really like how, given such a monumental task, Dylan doesn't have to go through this alone, and has the full support of his wife and a couple of agents. 
It seems that a Higher Power is using Dylan to do His work, but that comes across through actions, not words. Dylan living his days out of order are obviously not his doing. Having the right people to support Dylan may seem like a coincidence too. It definitely makes your mind wonder. How much does fate play a role into what is happening?
I liked the strong relationship Dylan has with his wife. They are equals and hold each other up throughout the novel. They are strong for one another, especially when their relationship is tested by incredibly stressful situations. Dylan is able to handle all of this craziness because of his stable marriage to his wife. 
Overall, Wednesday's Child is packed with adventure after adventure, fast paced, fun, and very easy to read. Although this book has science fiction and political elements, it is written in a very easy to digest manner, and would be enjoyable to those who don't regularly read those genres. The storyline is fantastic, and I found this to be a great read. Definitely my favorite Zendell novel. 

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